The cluster model for studying even-even light nuclei

این مقاله توسط ویراستاران گروه فیزیک موسسه البرز ( گرایش فییزیک هسته ای) ویرایش (نگارشی و گرامری) شده است. این مقاله در سال 2018 به چاپ رسیده است.
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نفیسه روشن بخت
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Canadian Journal of Physics
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نفیسه روشن بخت

According to the experimental results, the even-even light nuclei have cluster structures at some excited states. In order to study nuclei having two identical clusters we used a two-center potential well model. We calculated the energy levels by solving the Schrödinger equation and evaluating the effect of spin orbit coupling in the cylindrical coordinate. At the end, the results of calculations were applied for the 8Be isotope

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