Review of Positioning Methods for Mobile Robots

این مقاله توسط مترجمان مهندسی برق موسسه البرز از فارسی به انگلیسی ترجمه شده است و در سال 2018 در مجله Journal of productivity and development، پذیرش شده است.
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مهدی رمضانی فرد
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Journal of productivity and development
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مهدی رمضانی فرد


Positioning is one of the most important and challenging problems in the navigation of mobile robots. According to this fact that the applications of these robots are popular in various areas, so the implementation also requires a precise knowledge of their Positions especially associated with robot motion and operation mode. For this purpose, different approaches and algorithms are applied so that the control strategies rely on various factors, such as the region type, mobile robot type and robot motion speed as well as robot size. However, these control approaches incorporate different tools for robot positioning and their accuracy are varied depends on the application tools used. In addition, their operational costs are variable with the especial tools used in their control strategies. Therefore, to select sufficient Positioning method, it is necessary to consider both the vehicle type and its application. In this paper, different Positioning approaches of mobile robots papers have been followed in order to cope with this problem and their performance are compared and finally several recommendations are proposed

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