A novel physical based meta-heuristic optimization method known as Lightning Attachment Procedure Optimization

این مقاله توسط مترجمان گروه برق موسسه البرز ویرایش شده است و در سال 2017 در مجله Applied Soft Computing به چاپ رسیده است.
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امین فروغی نعمت اللهی
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Applied Soft Computing
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امین فروغی نعمت اللهی


In this article, A novel nature-inspired optimization algorithm known as Lightning Attachment Procedure Optimization (LAPO) is proposed. The proposed approach mimics the lightning attachment procedure including the downward leader movement, the upward leader propagation, the unpredictable trajectory of lightning downward leader, and the branch fading feature of lightning. Final optimum result would be the lightning striking point. The proposed method is free from any parameter tuning and it is rarely stuck in the local optimum points. To evaluate the proposed algorithm, 29 mathematical benchmark functions are employed and the results are compared to those of 9 high quality well-known optimization methods The results of the proposed method are compared from different points of views, including quality of the results, convergence behavior, robustness, and CPU time consumption. Superiority and high quality performance of the proposed method are demonstrated through comparing the results. Moreover, the proposed method is also tested by five classical engineering design problems including tension/compression spring, welded beam, pressure vessel designs, Gear train design, and Cantilever beam design and a high constraint optimization problem known as Optimal Power Flow (OPF) which is a high constraint electrical engineering problem. The excellence performance of the proposed method in solving the problems with large number of constraints and also discrete optimization problems are also concluded from the results of the six engineering problem

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