Developing an expert system for diagnosing liver diseases

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Ali mozafari
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EJERS, European Journal of Engineering Research and Science
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Ali mozafari


The liver plays an important role in regulating the body's internal interactions as the largest and the most complex organs in the body. Such interactions are essential in preserving life and proper body function. The eaten foods are not consumed in the same way in the body. In fact, it should pass through the liver and after absorption and entering the blood, and the liver plays an important role in the storage of eaten substances. Accordingly, the speed of diagnosing and treating liver diseases are highly effective in improving patients' health; however, there is always a lack of immediate access to specialized physicians. The present study aims to provide an expert system using the VP-Expert shell for diagnosing liver disease. Also, block and Mockler charts have been used to provide the necessary knowledge in the expert system. In this regard, the factors affecting the diagnosis of the disease were firstly categorized into three groups of blood tests, clinical symptoms of illness and disease time on the block diagram for disease diagnose, and in the next step, the Mockler chart was designed according to the three groups of factors on the block chart. The three categories of disease diagnostic factors, questions corresponding sub-sections, and the response range are determined on Mockler chart, and finally, the tables are designed to express the system inference according to the user's answers to the questions

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