Relationship Between Some Social Determinants of Health and Physical, Psychological and Social Health of Women in 2015 in Arak

این مقاله توسط مترجمان پزشکی از فارسی به انگلیسی ترجمه شده و در سال 2019 به چاپ رسیده است.
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کتایون وکیلیان
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The Open Public Health Journal
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کتایون وکیلیان


Background: Considering the socioeconomic aspects, it is important to understand the psychological, emotional and social needs and abilities of women

Aim: This study attempts to investigate the association of some social determinants of health with the physical, psychological, and social health of women

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted on 258 women in Arak, Iran based on cluster sampling. The physical, psychological and social health of women was presented by a questionnaire and they were given a written consent at home. The physical health questionnaire (SF-36) was used to inquire about the physical health. The Goldenberg general health questionnaire was used for the psychology health, and the Keyes social health questionnaire (33 items) was considered for social health

Results: The results showed that there is a relationship between physical health and age (p = 0.05), but the relationship between social and mental health was not significant. This research showed that there was no relationship between the income and the physical, psychological and social health. There was also a significant relationship between mental health and occupation. There is a negative and significant relationship between social support and mental health (p = 0.05

Conclusion: The social variables are the complex issues with an important relationship with the health, especially for women who are more affected by the physiological structure and various social roles

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