Monolithic and transparent sol-gel derived lithium-mica nano-glass-ceramic for optical applications

مقاله حاضر توسط مترجمان گروه مهندسی مواد ادیت شده و در سال 2020 چاپ شده است.
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محمدرضا توحیدی فر
نام مجله
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids
سال انتشار
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محمدرضا توحیدی فر


The objective of the present research is to demonstrate the possibility of fabricating a transparent monolithic lithium-mica nano-glass-ceramic by a sol-gel route. The transparent bulk glass-ceramic was successfully prepared using the drying control chemical additive (N,N-dimethyl formamide) along with an appropriate heat treatment schedule (final heating temperature = 662°C) for the LiMg3AlSi3(1+x)O10+6xF2 (x=0.66) glass-ceramic with MgF2 content of 6.95 wt%. The transparency of the dried gel depended on the synthesis conditions such as sol pH and the amount of added water as well as solvents. The results also revealed that the pH range of 2-3.5 is optimal to provide transparent gel. Moreover, at this pH range, the crack-free dried gel was acquired at the water to chemicals molar ratios of 6 to 8. In such conditions, the molar ratios of solvents to chemicals were determined 25 to30

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