Influences of building information modeling (BIM) on oil, gas, and petrochemical firms

این مقاله توسط مترجمان گروه مهندی عمران موسسه البرز ویرایش شده و در سال 2017 به چاپ رسیده است.
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Science and Technology for the Built Environment
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امیرهوشنگ فخیمی


The construction industry in comparison to other industries has achieved less productivity and effectivity during the last few decades. Lean construction philosophy, integrated project delivery method and recently building information modeling technologies helped raising the productivity and effectivity of the construction industry by introducing new and improved processes. Adopting and implementing building information modeling provides accurate digital information to undertake efficient and effective planning and execution of the complex construction projects. Today, use of building information modeling in architecture, engineering, and construction industries has been institutionalized insofar as some developed countries developed their building information modeling guidelines and instructions. It is believed that building information modeling as a mighty conceptual strategy could be implemented in the lifecycle of nonbuilding projects, too. To steer the researchers and practitioners’ in that direction, the current article aims to explain capabilities of building information modeling when used for nonbuilding projects especially in the process plants and the oil, gas, and petrochemical projects. To achieve the mentioned goals, a widespread literature survey on adopting and implementing building information modeling in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry lifecycle including the benefits, barriers, and challenges, as well as expert interviews with oil, gas, and petrochemical industry firms were conducted. Finally, challenges and prerequisites that should be addressed before getting the full benefits of building information modeling in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry are highlighted

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