Ethical Insight and Safety Principles of Working with Cadaver among the First-year Medical School Students-An Educational Research

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کتایون وکیلیان
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The Open Public Health Journal
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کتایون وکیلیان


Background: This study aimed to conduct a workshop to improve the ethics and safety of working with a cadaver

Materials and Methods: This interventional study was conducted on 37 freshmen medicine students working with a cadaver. A workshop was held by a medical ethics expert. Two weeks later, the questionnaires were again distributed among the participants. The data were analyzed by Paired-T and Wilcoxon test using SPSS 21 software

Results: The mean score of the ethical insight increased after the workshop (P=0.001). The insight on the safety did not show a significant variation (P=0.830)

Conclusion: It is recommended to hold a workshop to teach the ethical points of working with the cadaver before the students’ entrance to the dissection hall

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