Investigation on the seismic response of geogrid reinforced soil walls backfilled with cement-fiber-treated soil through 1-g shaking table tests

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امیرمحسن صفایی
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Geosynthetics International
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امیرمحسن صفایی


Improving the characteristics of local low-strength soils at the construction site is one of the appropriate approaches to employ the soils as a backfill of geogrid reinforced soil (GRS) walls. In this study, the fiber-cement-treated sand-silt mixture was used as the backfill of walls. The post-earthquake performance of the walls was evaluated by applying the sinusoidal waves on 1-m high reduced-scale physical models and conducting a series of 1-g shaking table tests. A comparison of the wall models constructed with treated and untreated backfill indicated the advantages of geogrid-reinforced fiber-cement-treated soil walls subjected to strong ground motion. The results revealed the better behavior of the wall models backfilled with treated soil mixtures under dynamic loading. Such improved performance was more evident in (1) deformation responses, including the lateral displacement of wall facing, deformation mode, failure surfaces, and settlement of backfill surface and (2) acceleration response in different locations, including facing, reinforced, and retained zone of walls

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