Numerical and experimental investigation of impinging turbulent ow of twin jets against a wall

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In the present study, impinging of vertical twin jet against a horizontal plate is numerically and experimentally investigated. Four two equation RANS based turbulence models are used and their capabilities to simulate such complicated turbulent flow were examined. The two fluid jets are separated by a thin membrane. The inlet jet hydraulic diameters are the same and the Reynolds number of external flows of jets is 13500. The ratio of width of nozzles (e) to nozzle-to-plate distance (H) considered as 1:10. The turbulent models used in this work are k-ε, k-ε RNG, k-ω and k-ω SST. The results obtained by the models were compared with each other as well as two-dimensional PIV data to evaluate the capabilities of such models for this kind of flows. By comparing the numerical and experimental results, it is concluded that all of the models can predict acceptable results in the free jet area, but in the near wall region none of the models can predict flow characteristics with reasonable accuracy. It was observed that, at low nozzle-to-plate distances, the prediction results of the turbulence models are approximately in accordance with the experimental data, particularly for a zone near the midline separating the two jets

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