Effects of different window configurations on energy consumption in building: Optimization and economic analysis

این مقاله توسط ویراستارن گروه مکانیک ما ادیت شده و در سال 2021 به چاپ رسیده است.
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علی حیدری
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Journal of Building Engineering
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علی حیدری


Energy saving is one of the challenges of today. In recent years, growing concerns about the environmental impacts of energy consumption and global warming has doubled the importance of this issue. The contribution of building sector to the energy consumption is significant at a country-wide scale, so that various measures have been taken to help save the energy, including the codification of regulations in accordance with local climate conditions. In this research, using DesignBuilder software, a building in Semnan (Iran) with hot arid climate was modeled with various window configurations. To generalize the results, the two cities of Tabriz and Bandar Abbas with different climates were added to the study. One of the important strategies for optimizing energy consumption in a modeled building is to improve the heat transfer coefficient of the window glass based on local climate conditions. In this work, investigations were performed on a variety of single-pane and double-pane windows with argon gas, krypton, and air as the insulator. By changing the gap between the panes and glass thickness, the cooling/heating load of the modeled building were analyzed to find optimum window configuration for the dominant climate condition at Semnan. Finally, an economic assessment was performed by estimating the required capital cost and payback period for different window configurations

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