Protective immunity induced with a DNA vaccine encoding B- and T-cells multi-epitope SAG1, ROP16, MIC4, GRA12, M2AP, and multi-epitope ROP8 against acute and chronic toxoplasmosis in BALB/c mice

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Experimental Parasitology
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T. gondii infection is characterized by a high global prevalence. Nearly, 16–40% of people have been infected by T. gondii. Although T. gondii often causes subclinical infection, it may cause severe complications in newborns with congenital infection and immunocompromised individuals. Constant attempts of scientists have made valuable findings in the development of T. gondii candidate vaccines. However, an effective vaccine has not been successfully developed yet. In this study, multi-epitope SAG1, MIC4, ROP16, M2AP, GRA12, and multi-epitope ROP8 were injected into BALB/c mice intramuscularly, as cocktailed plasmids or as single-gene plasmids to assess the immune response against chronic and acute Toxoplasma infection


BALB/c mice were immunized on days 0, 21, and 42. The immune responses of both vaccinated and control groups were evaluated using cytokine and antibody measurements, lymphocyte proliferation assay, survival time, and average number of cysts in each brain


The results indicated that DNA vaccination using multi-epitope ROP8 and multi-epitope SAG1, ROP16, MIC4, GRA12, M2AP could elicit both cellular and humoral immune responses, and enhanced the survival time in BALB/c mice. Also, the administration of multi-epitope ROP8 plus multi-epitope SAG1, ROP16, MIC4, GRA12, M2AP could enhance the concentrations of IgG antibody, elicit a mixed IgG1/IgG2a reaction with the predominance of the IgG2a, increase the release of IFN-γ cytokine, prolonge the survival time, and reduce the brain cysts


Here, we report that vaccination using cocktailed plasmids could induce better protective immunity compared to single plasmid for acute and chronic T. gondii infection

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